Boston, MA Open 3 months


On Saturday, 9/11/21, there was a big block party on the street, with colored flags hanging up on poles to attract people, and needless to say some of it ended up in front of my house. The block party was complete with outdoor games. There were barbecue grills, tables and chairs in the street on the private way. I’m a homeowner and abutter, but I didn’t receive any notice at all from the City, and I wasn’t made aware of it by the neighbors either. Unfortunately, I spent about 8 hours listening to amplified music, loud music coming from the speakers, kids screaming, and people trespassing on my property too. Maybe their guests had no idea that I had no notice about the block party in the first place. People were out there after 10:00 at night. Most of the people there, I never saw before. I have photos and videos of people in the day and night (that’s how long the party lasted) coming over on my property, some to retrieve balls that were hit, kicked or thrown. I saw a few who were walking down my driveway toward my back yard, and I have no idea for what purpose. I’d better get a video camera for the back yard too. At one point, someone left their bicycle in front of my driveway, and nevermind if anyone was coming to pull in there. I guess I could have asked permission to use my own driveway if I needed to I believe the party was hosted by the neighbors who live literally on both sides of me. Hosting a block party, with no notice or permission, when my property would undoubtedly be used as a segway and ball field, and knowing I would be hearing the disturbance, was not neighborly, to say the least. Nothing new from the Readville neighbors though. But, they had some good fun for the day. I just want them on notice that in the future, if they don’t find any courtesy and respect, I intend to make a call and enforce my property rights. I live here, I have constitutional rights, property rights, and I pay taxes. If that police station in Hyde Park is interested in the photos or videos of the event, especially the trespass issues, they can give me a call at (617)272-6531.