Boston, MA Open About 2 months


Please look into this Toyota 4x4 pro tro pro license plate 2ABD76 as there's no residency sticker from what I can tell and it's unfair this giant truck is taking up 2 resident spots with no sticker whereas those with stickers, including myself, have to find parking in a needle in a haystack. The small little woman driving this truck not only parked in a resident parking area, which appears to not have a sticker, but also verbally threatened my vehicle and I. She told me if I didn't "park better and back up" (so she could have room to park as well but she wouldn't anyway as she's in a big truck and I'm in a small car and there's not enough space for me to back up to give the car behind me space to get out) that if I don't move she will back her truck into/over my car and my car/tires won't be in the same spot I parked it in when I wake up in the morning. She claimed she took my license down which is fine as I did nothing wrong and have nothing to hide.