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New Sign, Crosswalk or Marking

Cranston street is as U shaped street off of Sheridan street. It is very narrow, and has a very steep hill at one end. I live on Cranston, and I have noticed that it seems many drivers turn on to Cranston to try to avoid continuing to drive down Sheridan, which is a very long one-way road, not realizing that Cranston just loops back to Sheridan. I have especially noticed that when large trucks do this, they have a hard time making the turn down the end of the road that has a steep hill. I think it might be helpful if there were some kind of sign indicating that Cranston is just a loop ("not a thru street" might work, though its not a fully accurate description) at the far intersection of Cranston and Sheridan, and also at the intersection of Termine Ave and Sheridan Street. Thank you! | Type of request: [Sign]