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Dead Tree Removal

Is this a City owned tree situated on the sidewalk? Yes | Comments: On Monday, June 15, 2020, I learned that a truck hit the sidewalk tree in front of 1625 Tremont Street, tearing off a branch and damaging some of the bark on the main trunk. I also saw that the debris from the tree damage was placed in my driveway next door. The large amount of tree debris is next to the Dunkin Donuts, blocking the driveway. The utility contractor working in the street told me that the Parks Department was supposed to respond to a 311 request to remove this debris. Later that week (~Wednesday, June 17, 2020) a fellow with the City's Construction Inspection Unit told me he had also been trying to get someone from the City to come out and remove this tree debris from my driveway. As of yet, nothing has been removed. The City's Code Enforcement officer sometimes say, "Trash brings trash." I think they are correct. The big pile of the City's tree debris is attracting trash to that pile. The franchisee of the Dunkin Donuts next to the pile of the City's tree debris has been having a difficult enough time with the reduced business in the past months. The pile of tree debris is not making it any easier for them. In addition, they usually put their trash out for nightly pickup in this end of the alley. The tree debris is taking the spot where Dunkin Donuts had been putting its trash. It has been two weeks since the truck struck the City's tree. The leaves on the tree's broken branches are no longer green. Would the City (I assume the Parks Department) please remove the debris from its tree which has been put in my driveway? Sincerely, Gerald Fabiano