Boston, MA Open 16 days


Restaurant outside spacing. Dear Boston. I’m happy for the restaurants in the city that can open with patios to start making money. I have friends who own restaurants and friends who are servers. And I appreciate that the city is working to accommodate seating outside to maximize the potential number of customers. But in this effort so many restaurants in the south end are occupying so much space that a pedestrian is unable to keep any distance from the unmasked patrons at the tables. You have to walk in the street if you want to have more that a couple few feet of distance. To each their own if you choose to go out and not wear a mask. But this is causing those of us who are still concerned, with all of the medical and scientific guidance, trying to keep more than a few feet of distance, from someone, let alone groups of people not wearing masks. To keep 6 feet of distance is impossible. Please, we all are living in a global health pandemic.