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New Tree Requests

Reside at this location: Yes | Owner of the property: Yes | Sidewalk tree or a private lawn plantings: Sidewalk tree | Multiple street trees: Yes | Comments: There are two tree pits in the sidewalk in front of my house. One of these has a ca 3" caliper sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) that was a volunteer from neighboring tree. It has a basal canker and is in poor condition. The other tree pit has a dead Slender Silhouette Liquidambar that was planted in the autumn of 2018. However, I am pretty certain that this tree was dead when planted; it never broke dormancy in the spring of 2019. I reported this problem in the summer of 2019 (see case number 101002935218), however the tree was not replaced despite being under warranty. NOTE: I have another 311 request that is reporting a sidewalk sinkhole that has opened up near a firehydrant and the dead tree. See Case Number 101003281999. This, and/or a perpetual gas leak in the area (which has been reported to the gas company many times) may be the reason 3 trees have died in this location.