Boston, MA Open 2 months


Painting Yellow Delineation lines will fix this problem As you can see from the pic there are 10+ cars here parked facing the wrong direction on a two way street which confuses other drivers to think they are still on a one way street when it has now become a two way street This becomes completely blocked up on game days by confused ride share drivers that end up blocking on coming traffic from the opposite direction. Anyways painting lane delineation lines here will greatly improve the Safety of the residents here for fire and rescue vehicles. There used to be lines here but since the road was repacked when the hotel went up the lines have yet to be repainted For anyone that actually lives in this neighborhood knows how increasingly dangerous this stretch of Newbury behind the hotel Commonwealth has become. The problem is, is that Newbury is a one way street when accessing it from Charles Gate West (heading West) and then quickly becomes a two way street at the intersection with Kenmore street and catches drivers off guard as they assume they are still driving on a one way. Until they are confronted with an oncoming vehicle as they round the bend/blind corner just after 595 Newbury heading towards Brookline Ave. A lot of times (because I live in the neighborhood) have been heading East bound on Newbury when a vehicle heading Westbound on Newbury (after Kenmore Street) has pulled directly in front of me to pass me on the left as I am heading towards them so they can park at the metered side of the road facing the wrong direction only adding to the confusion that many drivers not familiar with the area face when driving this stretch of road one way to two way (ride sharing drivers and other drivers going to Fenway Park