Boston, MA Open Over 2 years

Broken Sidewalk

Cause of damage: Construction | Additional info: Constituent states that National Grid came on June 13th to repair a streetlamp. In the process, parts of the brick sidewalk were removed and tar patch was used to fill in the hole in the sidewalk. No one has restored the sidewalk to its original brick yet. Constituent states that residents in 27 W Cedar street has plenty of the original brick for repair purposes. This case was opened and now closed and constituent called back because she is upset it was closed and does not understand why neither National Grid nor Public Works takes ownership. She states when she calls NG they say it's PW and when she calls PW they say it's NG. She reports she is given the run around and just wants to know who she can contact to make sure this gets taken care of eventually. | Sidewalk material: Brick