Boston, MA Open Over 2 years


Bike lane needs to be repainted AND moved back to the curb. 5 years ago the bike lane was swerved away from the curb to make room for a fee unnecessary parking spaces. (See ) In this picture you can see (a) that cars still drive in the bike lane, and (b) that the lane markings are badly faded. Now that there is a lane all the way from The Arborway, it would be a shame to let this dangerous situation continue. Rumor has it that the city promised the on street spaces to the developer even though there was adequate off street parking. If there is still an obligation to keep spaces on the street, I suggest that BTD implement its recently discovered parking protected bike lane technique, and put the parking spaces six feet out from the curb. After all if there's room for curb / parked car / cyclist, there's room for curb / cyclist / parked car. (These projects were billed as transit oriented development anyway, so why have these spaces at all?)