Boston, MA Closed Over 3 years

New Sign, Crosswalk or Marking

Type of request: Pavement Marking | Details: My request is to change the look of a driveway to a normal sidewalk. I have lived at 48 Falkland since Nov 1963. Yes, that day. There is a backyard, with grass and a small patio. We once had a little white fence. I may have to get another one. For some reason, maybe before 1963 or earlier, the sidewalk makes it seem it was once a driveway. In Sept 2016 I received a parking ticket for blocking the driveway! At first I laughed. It is obviously a backyard, and it is on our property. I appealed the ticket and it was dismissed. But I recently received TWO more tickets about blocking the driveway! As it is right next to 2 Corinne Road, and we've had issues with the man who bought the property and filled it with tenants, I think it may have something to do with him, but I thought all of our issues were settled. If he wanted to drive on the grass to move an item to a truck, all he had to do was ask. Can the city change the pavement?Or I'll keep getting tickets if I don't double-check my parking, which can be tight. Someone is usually parked behind me (I park at the back door) and sometimes I do overlap the "driveway." But it's our backyard. My cell is 617-659-3667.