Boston, MA Closed Over 3 years


I'm requesting help with very loud noises possibly rodents, squirrels, raccoons or other is crawling on the roof of my bedroom which is located on the third floor of this apartment. I have requested to the property management to take care of this issue. I have contacted them constantly about the animals that are in my roof. It first stared with one but now it sounds like there is about 2 or 3. No one from management has been by to see about this issue or has even contacted me to follow up. These animals have been there for about 3 months and now it is starting to affect my sleeping. I haven't been able to get a full nights sleep for about 2 months because of the noise. My roof is a slope, so all night I hear the animals slide up and down. It has gotten so bad now that I wake up with constant migraines because of my lack of sleep and the noise. I just need someone to come out and get the animals from my roof because I'm tired of waking up exhausted and with a migraine.