Bloomington, IN Open 13 days


I have a hole in my shower that I informed Woodington Management about well over a month ago now that they have yet to fix. I have reminded them of the issue numerous times and yet have been repeatedly told that a contractor should be coming out to fix it. I cannot use the shower while it has this large hole in it for fear of creating a mold issue. Luckily, my roommate has a shower I have been able to use in the meantime. In any case it is frustrating to the say the least that I can't use my own shower nor has there been any rent deferment during this period wherein I am paying for a full bathroom that I cannot use. For clarification, the hole fell on me during a bath I was taking after I put my hand on the wall to shift my weight. It was not an aggressive maneuver nor am I so heavy as to feel like this was my fault for what that is worth.