Bloomington, IN Open 4 months

Parks & Playgrounds

Switchyard Dog Park, Large Dog enclosure Please erect a barrier promptly, around the collection of mud + water about 25 feet from the entrance. During my 1st visit with my dog on Saturday, 9-11, he noticed the area by following another dog into the mud. Note there is no hose + water source to rinse dogs, unlike Ferguson Dog Pk, which has this resource during non-winter months. In addition to causing damage to the interior of my car, the muddy substrate was not easily cleaned. A rash has developed in several areas of my dog's skin. Water alone did not remedy the muck; standard dog shampoo fared a bit better. I diluted Dawn dish detergent, which worked best but likely added to the discomfort of the rash. We have a veterinary appt on Monday to address. Again, please erect a barrier around this area and also plan for long-term, engineering solution. Thank you. (I also suggest the installation of water hoses and will submit that separately.)