Bloomington, IN Open 5 months


With the resent Court order for the fcc to answer for hiding the Hazard on radio frequency , The City needs to take hed on the potential fall out. The city should be concerned about Public health an Bone Conduction & or variations of the bio electric / radio antenna affect or near-field magnetic induction via synergic reactions from leaching heavy metals dental amalgam's and radio frequency can cause induced tinnitus and wreak havoc on one's psych, And the symptom's can distort Mental Illness and create problems for social communications . Like the Cuba Embassy event such things can make it a night mare trying to distinguish between acts of war and the general common factors . Historically to so it was called the Hitler Phone bridge or ghost affect and the cold war the matters was a concerns in of mind control or to influence judgement . There is or was a training cartoon made by dod /oss / signal corps in the 40's called Private SNAFU Booby traps 1944