Bloomington, IN Open 2 months

Blocked Sidewalk

Over the past several months, the sidewalk in front of 1001 East 1st Street has gradually become almost completely blocked by trees and bushes encroaching from the yard. Yesterday, I was relieved to see someone *finally* trimming the bushes—but the work is completely inadequate. Half the sidewalk is still blocked, the bushes and trees still overhang the full sidewalk at a height low enough to force pedestrians to duck, and the trimmed branches have been left lying on the sidewalk. Please require the property owner (or owners—it's hard to tell where the property line is, and some of the problematic bushes and trees may be on the land belonging to the next house) to fully clear the sidewalk and haul away the resulting debris. It shouldn't be necessary to duck and fight one's way down the sidewalk, or to come away smeared in bird droppings.