Bloomington, IN Open About 2 months

Potholes, Other Street Repair

This road is used for several food trucks and pizza x that operate out of one world catering. It is also used by drivers and employees of go puff. In addition there is another business and two hotels that operate out of the same area, which includes customers with semi trucks. That state of rappel Ave (which can be accessed off of the 45/46 bypass is not very good. The road is extremely bumpy, which wears down on the vehicles for those of us who work in the delivery hub in this area (which again includes a couple of businesses.) there is also not much in the way of lighting out there, which makes us even harder to navigate at night time. I would say in a given day at least 100 or more people come through this road and the amount of times it’s driven down is in the thousands. This is a highly utilized road and has not had much done to it in a long time. Given the thriving business happening in this area, it would be appropriate to completely pave and add street lights to the area. Thank you.