Bloomington, IN Open 2 months

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Went to Leonard Springs last Monday. As you know there is a trail map just inside the gate. That map is at the junction of the main trail, the road, and what appears to be a trail off to the right. We decide that we should tackle the difficult part and then have an easy hike backup on the road. Big mistake. The trail was steep and very slick from the rain. Half way down a friend slipped in the mud, tried to steady himself on a tree which immediately gave way causing him to faceplant into downed debris and breaking the radius in the elbow. Luckily we had a soft pack to use as a sling. Being that going backup would be impossible we continued down hoping to pick up the road as indicated on the map. Since the trail in most info we had seen prior listed the trail as easy what we were on was in no way "easy." Much to our surprise we encountered another much more well defined and developed trail which we could take back up. This trail was easy, steps and well groomed surface. Once back on the road we stopped and looked at the trail map again. It soon became apparent the sign was in a very unfortunate location or would have better served by having an annotation like "you are here" with an arrow indicating the trail is actually 50 yards down the road. Please move the sign or add a caveat that what appears to be a well worn trail is very steep and difficult is not the main trail. My friend has had one surgery and faces others to repair the damage. By the way we are all fairly athletic and experienced hikers. thank you for your consideration.