Bloomington, IN Open 2 months

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Please come and pave our ally! We cannot get in our out of our driveway without hitting the bottom of our cars on the road because of the big holes missing in front of our driveway. A while back some men came and scattered little bits of asphalt along the ally, which did nothing but make the whole ally worse. The entire ally needs repaved dinner than later because the lack of upkeep to the ally is causing damage to our cars. We are documenting all the damage that is being caused to our vehicles because of the negligence of the city to properly maintain the ally and we are also taking note to the fact that the first report we submitted only resulted in the men placing little bits of asphalt around the ally that has made the conditions worse AND the second report we have submitted is still currently open, no response has been submitted to us, and no repairs have been completed. I will continue to report these repairs being needed until the work is finished.