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I am quite concerned with the continued lack of on duty lifeguards at the Bryan Park Pool during swimming lessons. Three days ago (6/7/21), I almost ended up jumping into the water myself to save my actively drowning 3 year old because her instructor had taken a child to the bathroom leaving another instructor to watch both his and her classes, unsuccessfully. In my incident report, I stated that there needs to be a lifeguard on duty other than the instructors because they cannot reasonably be expected to see everything around them and it's not the parents job either. Mind you, I have many years of being both a lifeguard, aquatics director, swimming instructor, and outdoor educator under my belt when I say this. It's not just my opinion. I was told in a follow-up meeting the next day with the aquatics director, Shanda(?), that there would be a lifeguard on deck or in the chair from now on. This, unfortunately was not the case, yet again, at tonight's lesson. I have attached a picture (I hope) showing that there are no lifeguards in the stand or on deck anywhere near the active lessons. If the argument is that the instructors are also watching the kids, please refer to Indiana Health Code 410 IAC 6­2.1­35 Lifeguards (g). I am filing this complaint through the city not to be a pain, as I've dealt with my share of those over the years, but because I genuinely believe this is an unsafe situation based on experience. Furthermore, it clearly doesn't seem to be resonating at the facility level.