Bloomington, IN Open About 2 months

Blocked Sidewalk

Side walk on the west side of Rogers just south of 11th Street. It is a temporary driveway for construction staging I think for parking garages. I don't know what to do. What do you want me to do? The walk has never been clear. There is always been sand. Today there is a quarter inch of sand. And those big rocks/barriers have been blocking the drive since Friday. So no cars have gone over it all weekend, but there has been sand left there all weekend also. Is this just how it's supposed to be? should I give up expecting a safe pedestrian environment for my children? I don't know what to do. Please tell me what to do. I can sweep it up and put it in a bucket if you need to demonstrate that there is a real volume of material -- I will probably be able to carry the bucket but I guarantee you it'll weigh several pounds. What should I do? This isn't my job. I just walk here to take my kids to fairview elementary