Bloomington, IN Open About 1 month

City Performance

I just read a thing the Mayor Hamilton put out about sustainability and residents and low-income people. Bloomington has the highest rent in the state. I guess my question is, don't you see you and the city council are creating it. These new apartment buildings getting put up for the students is the problem. All of these high dollar apartments with the super high rent, hell it takes multiple people to live there so a 1,000 to $ 3,000 rent can be paid one person can't to it nobody has a incentive to do low-cost housing or not tear down low-cost housing, so high-rise expensive apartments can be put up. I just don't understand you guys are the problem you keep letting this happen year after year you look downtown all them high-end apartments that you already know a local can't pay for. It seems to me you guys just let him do it and then return you know bribery is alive and well they donate money to the city's funds so sustainability fund. Please please deny this Tell me that it's not happening that I read everyday or every other week on the newspaper