Bloomington, IN Open 3 months

Animal Control

This evening, 6/22/20, approximately 7:30pm, my wife, 9 yr old aughter and I were walking on the streets in our neighborhood (Grandview), when an off leash pit bull charged and tried to attack our 10 month old English Springer. The pit bull was , again, off leash and it’s owner did not have any control of this animal. Somehow, the pit bull kept narrowly missing in its attack of our puppy but knocked me down during the melee. This could have had bad outcomes. Our other dog, a 4-yr old female Springer, was also walking with us, not to mention my daughter and wife. I and my family were quite shaken up. I’d like Animal Control to talk to the pit bull owner. Their address is 3620 E Grandview Dr, Bloomington 47408. Being attacked on the street is dangerous. That dog should not be off leash and able to charge at people and their dogs on public streets. We have an older population in our neighborhood. Only by grace did my dogs and family not get hurt.