Bloomington, IN Open 3 months

Drainage or Runoff

Hi. I just want to say that I really appreciate the Adopt-a-Drain program. I was told about it by a city worker named Kriste. Anyway, I've complained for years about the storm drains on Blair Avenue. They get clogged (mostly by grass clippings from people mowing) and then the rain doesn't drain well. For years I said, why doesn't the city clean these? I was annoyed about it because the water would carry seeds and dirt, which would collect in my gutter, and then the next thing I know I have to mow my gutter! lol! So for the past four years I've been cleaning out my gutter, muttering to myself about the drain, and then every now and then cleaning it out, too. When I heard about Adopt-a-Drain, I realized that I could handle that task for two drains on Blair Avenue that impact my yard. Kriste also taught me that the city has over 12,000 drains, far too many to handle without some help. So, now I know that I can help, and I'm glad to do it. Great program!