Bloomington, IN Open About 3 years

Water Utility Billing Problems

Hi - I received a troubling bill from CBU back in January, and despite a few phone messages and emails to, I never received a response. In the mean-time, CBU apparently discovered an error in billing as my water usage went from an average of 4-5 in 2017 to 15 in January 2018, 8 in February 2018, and back to 4 in April - June. Alas, my most recent bill shows another spike to 7, despite no change in our home usage. Is there perhaps something going awry in our meter reading? I would appreciated an explanation for these sometimes wild fluctuations... Please have a look at my bill, CBU account 845-003 and provide some clarity. Response via email works best for me. Colleen McKenna, 3708 E Morningside Drive. If this method of contact is also not the proper avenue to get a response, could you let me know HOW to successfully contact CBU regarding this or any other issue? Thank you.