Bloomington, IN Closed Over 2 years

Potholes, Other Street Repair

I was taking my wife to work at the hospital Monday morning. We pulled on to Rogers Street from Rockport at approximately 0656. One large, orange Young Trucking truck had already passed us on Rogers. We were approximately 50 yards south of the electric substation, driving north when something flew off the next orange Young Trucking dump truck as it was moving south on Rogers. We were surprised by the fist-sized impact and then swung around to pull into the Young Trucking , IMI facility off of Rogers (1602 S Roger St). We pulled right next to Young Trucking truck #9. This truck turned left, north on Rogers and then west on Patterson. I called the Young Trucking Company (812-332-0403) at 0659. The gentleman asked me which truck, I couldn’t tell that since it was moving in the opposite direction, but I did know what the number of the truck immediately behind it was #9. Assuming they keep track of which trucks get loaded with what, they know which truck was loaded immediately before #9. Young Trucking's position is that it must have been something in the roadway. Could someone please clean up any large, broken rocks and concrete on the street or sidewalk in front of the electrical substation, and entrance to 1602 S Roger Street?