Baltimore, MD Open About 3 years

Water Leak (Exterior)

Strangers and Landlords of 2919 Arunah Avenue removes covers of the in ground water meter connections on the odd side of Arunah Avenue from 2929 to 2911. Because of the strangers and Landlords historic habit of stealing neighbors utilities the exterior and accounting need to be verified as No Overload at 2921 Arunah Avenue. How did the conclusion arrive? 1) the water meter cover has been turned. 2) the bolt or nut is still lose. 3) their recent bill is extremely higher than normal registering since April to August. 4) check that piping has not been destroyed tampered with or interrupted with a connectivity causing 2919 to receive and use water from 2921. If you can tell the residents at 2921 that you know that they are using a leaking type toilet, this is worth the SR and reporting back the findings. The residents said you told them what kind of toilet they had and that was the cause of leak. THE STRANGERS AND LANDLORD said that the installation was incorrect. Thank you for your servicing this SR.