Baltimore, MD Open Over 2 years

Park Cleaning or Mowing

Requesting tree trimming in Henry street park. There are a few trees (one in particular) on the south side of the park that has been a nuisance for a long time. The tree drops flowers that look like popcorn kernels continuously all summer. What you see in the photo only represents only a few hours of accumulation. My neighbors and I in the Knox Condos literally have to come outside with blowers every few hours to stay ahead of it. The flowers attract bees and mosquitoes, and if they get wet and are not dealt with over a few days, they rot quickly, stick to the concrete or deck and begin to smell horrible. These flowers are constantly leaving stains on our deck and get dragged indoors on our shoes and are staining our rugs and hardwood floors. It's a nice looking tree but it is getting to be too much to deal with. I am requesting that this tree be trimmed back away from the Knox condos significantly so that this nuisance can be lessened. There are a few strategic cuts that can be made.